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Table of contents
  1. Introduction
    1. Task management for the Obsidian knowledge base
    2. Screenshots

Task management for the Obsidian knowledge base

Track tasks across your entire vault. Query them and mark them as done wherever you want. Supports due dates, recurring tasks (repetition), done dates, sub-set of checklist items, and filtering.

You can toggle the task status in any view or query and it will update the source file.

Please submit bugs here.

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Please ask for help here.

For changes in each release, please check the releases page.


  • All screenshots assume the global filter #task which is not set by default (see also “Getting Started”).
  • The theme is default Obsidian theme.

ACME Tasks The ACME note has some tasks.

Important Project Tasks The Important Project note also has some tasks.

Tasks Queries The Tasks note gathers all tasks from the vault and displays them using queries.

Create or Edit Modal The Tasks: Create or edit command helps you when editing a task.