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‘Create or edit Task’ Modal

Table of contents
  1. ‘Create or edit Task’ Modal
    1. Introduction
    2. Opening the ‘Create or edit Task’ Modal
    3. Keyboard shortcuts
      1. Turning off keyboard shortcuts
    4. Entering values
      1. Description
      2. Priority
      3. Recurrence
      4. Dates
      5. Date abbreviations
      6. Status and Done on
    5. Finishing off
    6. Known limitations
      1. Need to scroll on phone screens


Create or Edit Modal
The Tasks: Create or edit command helps you when adding or editing a task.

Opening the ‘Create or edit Task’ Modal

Use the command ‘Tasks: Create or edit task’ to launch the modal.

  • If the cursor was on an existing task, the modal will modify that task’s properties.
  • If the cursor was on a blank line, the modal will create a brand new task on that line.

Keyboard shortcuts

Introduced in Tasks 1.17.0.

All the fields of the form have “access keys”, that is, keyboard shortcuts. The access keys are displayed as the underlined letters in the labels.

  • On Windows, press the Alt-key and the underlined letter at the same time.
  • On Mac, press Ctrl-key and the Option-key and the underlined letter at the same time.

Turning off keyboard shortcuts

Introduced in Tasks 1.17.0.

If the access keys (keyboard shortcuts) for any field conflicts with system keyboard shortcuts or interferes with assistive technology functionality that is important for you, you may want to turn them off in the Tasks plugin’s settings:

Create or Edit Modal

This setting takes immediate effect, and does not require restarting of Obsidian.

Entering values


This is the text describing your task.

If you have a global filter enabled, the dialog takes care of adding it automatically.


See priority.


Here you can make the task recur, so that when it is marked as done, a new task is created, with newer dates.

See recurring tasks (repetition).


Here you can optionally give the task due, scheduled and start dates.

There is a lot of flexibility here. For example:

  • You can type in exact dates, such as 2022-11-28.
  • You can also enter parts of dates, such as 6 oct.
  • You can enter relative dates, such as today or tomorrow or Saturday.

Note that relative dates will be always interpreted as being in the future, because that is usually what you want. You can change this behavior by unchecking “Only future dates” if you want to enter an overdue task or experiment with the way how relative dates in the past would be interpreted in queries.

Only future dates was introduced in Tasks 1.15.0.

Date abbreviations

Introduced in Tasks 1.8.0.

The modal also has a few abbreviations of its own, to speed up entering of common values in the date fields.

Type in the abbreviation and then a space character, and the whole word will be entered for you.

Supported abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expanded Text
td today
tm tomorrow
yd yesterday
tw this week
nw next week
weekend sat
we sat

Status and Done on

These values cannot currently be edited in this modal.

Finishing off

To close the modal and save your edits, do one of:

  • click Apply,
  • press Return or Enter.

To close the modal and cancel your edits, do one of:

  • click Cancel,
  • click or tap outside the modal,
  • click the close button at the corner of the modal (if one exists on your operating system),
  • hit the Esc key.

Known limitations

Need to scroll on phone screens

On phone screens the ‘Create or edit Task’ Modal may be too tall to fit on the screen. It does support scrolling, and on Android, the scrollbar is visible.

Unfortunately iPhones don’t display the scrollbar until you actually start scrolling. Tap on the screen and drag down, and you will see a scrollbar appear temporarily. More importantly, the scrolling does then work fine.

We are tracking the iPhone scrollbar issue in issue #1238.