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Global Filter

Table of contents
  1. Optional Global Filter
  2. Settings for the Global Filter

Optional Global Filter

You can set a global filter in the settings so that Tasks only matches specific checklist items. For example, you could set it to #task to only track checklist items as task if they include the string #task. It doesn’t have to be a tag. It can be any string. Leave it empty to regard all checklist items as tasks.

Example with global filter #task:

- [ ] #task take out the trash

If you don’t have a global filter set, all regular checklist items will be considered a task:

- [ ] take out the trash


If you use a tag such as #task as the global filter, you cannot add sub-tags to that tag.

Settings for the Global Filter

The following settings in the Tasks Options pane control the vault’s global filter.

Note you must restart Tasks after changing any settings here.


Image of the settings options for the global filter, showing the default settings.