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Table of contents
  1. Priorities and Order
  2. Easy adding of Priorities
  3. Related Tasks Block Instructions

Priorities and Order

Tasks can have a priority. In order to specify the priority of a task, you can append one of the “priority signifiers”, shown here in decreasing order of priority:

  1. ⏫ for high priority
  2. 🔼 for medium priority
  3. use no signifier to indicate no priority
  4. 🔽 for low priority

If a task has no priority at all, it is considered between low and medium priority. This means that the priority of 🔽 low tasks is considered lower than the priority of tasks without any specific priority. The idea is that you can easily filter out unimportant tasks without needing to assign a priority to all relevant tasks.

- [ ] take out the trash 🔼

Easy adding of Priorities

Instead of adding the emoji manually, you can:

  • Use the Tasks: Create or edit command when creating or editing a task. You will be able to select the priority from the options in the ‘Create or edit Task’ Modal.
  • Using Intelligent Auto-Suggest, start typing the first few characters of high, medium or low, and press to accept the suggested signifier.

The following instructions use the priority signifiers in tasks.