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Use Filename as Default Date

Table of contents
  1. Automatic scheduled date
  2. Rules
  3. Settings
    1. Folders setting

Automatic scheduled date

Introduced in Tasks 1.18.0.

You can automatically set a scheduled date for tasks based on the name of their files. This feature can be enabled in the settings, via the option Use filename as Scheduled date for undated tasks. Changing this requires a restart of Obsidian.

This allows you, for instance, to make all the tasks in your daily notes be considered as scheduled. You can then query them using the scheduled and happens filters.

Example query :

scheduled before today
group by scheduled
not done


The task is not visually modified in any Obsidian views: the scheduled date is only implied, and not displayed.

It will however appear in the edit dialog. It can also be examined by using the group by scheduled instruction in a tasks block.


For the scheduled date to be automatically set from the file name, the following rules apply :

  • the setting ‘Use filename as Scheduled date for undated tasks’ must be enabled, and Obsidian restarted,
  • the task must have no existing scheduled date, due date or start date,
  • the file name must contain a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD,
  • the file must be in one of the configured folders or its sub-folders if that setting is enabled.

Examples of file names :

20220612 - random


The following image shows the two settings relating to this feature:

Use filename as Scheduled date for undated tasks settings

Folders setting

If the Folders with default Scheduled dates field is left empty in the settings dialog, default dates are applied to un-dated tasks all the files in the vault.

A comma-separated list of folders can be entered to limit the scope. Default dates will then only be applied to undated tasks in all files in the specified folders and their subfolders.


Folders setting Matching files Not matching
daily daily/
daily,prj/daily daily/


Folders with a comma (,) in their name are not supported.