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Quick Reference

This table summarizes the filters and other options available inside a tasks block.

Filters Sort Group Display
not done
sort by status group by status  
done (before, after, on) <date>
has done date
no done date
sort by done group by done hide done date
starts (before, after, on) <date>
has start date
no start date
sort by start group by start hide start date
scheduled (before, after, on) <date>
has scheduled date
no scheduled date
sort by scheduled group by scheduled hide scheduled date
due (before, after, on) <date>
has due date
no due date
sort by due group by due hide due date
happens (before, after, on) <date>
has happens date
no happens date
is recurring
is not recurring
    hide recurrence rule
priority is (above, below)? (low, none, medium, high) sort by priority   hide priority
  sort by urgency    
path (includes, does not include) <path> sort by path group by path  
    group by folder  
    group by filename  
heading (includes, does not include) <string>   group by heading  
    group by backlink hide backlink
description (includes, does not include) <string> sort by description    
tag (includes, does not include) <tag>
tags (include, do not include) <tag>
sort by tag
sort by tag <tag_number>
exclude sub-items      
limit to <number> tasks
limit <number>

Other layout options:

  • hide edit button
  • hide task count
  • short mode